Vision and Values

Our guiding vision for Redbrook Hayes is: 'Limitless Possibilities on our Inspiring Learning Adventure!' This means every member of our community strives for success, aspires to greatness and believes that they can achieve this. We pledge to support all our learners in this, including through the promotion of our values, encapsulated in the mnemonic 'LEARNER':


UPDATE: September 2016

We have now launched the pupil LEARNER Matrix with all children in the school. We did this during a superhero themed launch day at the end of the summer term .Lots of fun was had by all, as the children worked their way around all 7 values stations throughout the school in mixed aged classes. Both children and staff really enjoyed seeing all of the classrooms and children throughout the day whilst learning about our expectations and values through practical, exciting and engaging activities.

UPDATE: July 2016

We are almost ready for the LEARNER launch day! Now every class has developed their own special value, and they know how we can demonstrate this every day in every way - we are now ready to share the matrices with our learners, our staff and our Governors! 

Below are the LEARNER matrices for all four of the main stakeholders; pupils, staff, parents and governors, which have been created using the views gathered from all of these groups. These documents outline our expectations for every member of the Redbrook Hayes community. 

LEARNER for Pupils.pdf

LEARNER for Staff.pdf

LEARNER for Parents.pdf

LEARNER for Governors.pdf

Check back for more information, pictures and videos as we develop these values throughout the year!