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A very warm welcome to our learning community! Redbrook Hayes is a very special place to be. We are incredibly proud of our school and our children, who are simply amazing! We are entirely committed to making every day magical for our learners, putting them at the heart of all we do, supporting them to realise their limitless possibilities and creating an inspiring learning adventure with them that is exciting, irresistible and supports them to do exceptional things!

Our core values are Loyalty, Empathy, Aspiration, Respect, Nurture, Excellence and Resilience, and everyone in our school embodies these in all they do. Our teaching team is dedicated, understanding, innovative and committed to excellence for every child, and they have high aspirations for each learner.

We know we can only achieve exceptional things with the support of everyone around our children, and so we value and promote links with parents, Governors and the wider community.

We would love to welcome you to be a part of our learning adventure – please come and visit us to find out more!

Learning Adventure

At Redbrook Hayes, our children experience a learning adventure that is inspiring, engaging and effective. We start this journey together from as young as two through our Explorers Nursery, where we seek to create the very best beginnings, secure a joy of learning and create the foundations for growth in a teacher-led setting.

From entry and as they move through the school, our children enrich our learning team. We set high standards for ourselves and for each other, creating a culture of possibility, challenge, aspiration and kindness. We are proud to be a part of the team that inspires our children to grow into incredible people, and leave us as truly exceptional learners.

We believe that, by focusing all of our efforts on the child, holding them at the heart of all we do and supporting their growth in our learning community, we will help to empower them to do amazing things.

Inspiring Learning

It is a joy to work with our children, sharing with them a curriculum that is exciting, enriching, broad and relevant. We carefully craft this curriculum in partnership with our children, considering their interests and hearing what and how they want to learn. This helps us to make sure that their learning experience is exceptional and vibrant, stimulates thought and new ideas and prepares them to embrace every element of their future learning.

This can be seen in our work in the classroom and more widely. Every child has a minimum guarantee of experiences – our Passport to Learning – which makes sure that everyone here has magical, memorable experiences that stick with them for life.

Our children leave us with high levels of aspiration, resilience, an understanding of the world around them and the academic skills that will enable them to embrace the very best that life has to offer.

Inspiring Limitless Possibilities

Our core principle is ‘Limitless Possibilities’ – we believe that every learner is capable of exceptional things, that there is no limit to what they can do or to the impact they can have on the world. We seek to understand every child as an individual, striving to meet their specific needs, nurture their ambitions and support them as they strive towards incredible achievements.

We believe that, to truly realise their limitless possibilities, our children need a wide range of tools, and so we teach and encourage resilience, determination, perseverance and aspiration, creating a climate where they believe they can excel, where they will be supported by everyone around them, and where they can take risks in their learning.

We know that every child is incredible, and we strive to unleash limitless possibility for them all!

Our Learning Community

We are honoured to form the hub of our learning community. We value links with our parents and always seek to work in a genuine partnership to help every child to excel – we know it is a privilege to work with your children, and we love what we do!

We are proud of ourselves, our children, our school and our community, and we aspire to create exceptional opportunities together.

Through regular community and charity work, including hosting a range of events and activities to support families and others in the area, we demonstrate and share our LEARNER Values outside of school. As a result, children in our team are thoughtful, considerate and exceptional citizens.

Get in Touch

Redbrook Hayes
Community Primary School,
Talbot Road, Brereton, Rugeley,
Staffordshire, WS15 1AU

01889 228740 office@redbrookhayes.staffs.sch.uk